Went up to Stockton today with kent to pick up my UOP transcripts. Took forever, but things finally got done.

All the stockton friends seemed busy though (you queers), but Huy actually came out and chilled with us. Was dope seeing the old campus again, some familiar faces, and of course the new freshmen at orientation. They have NO idea what they're getting themselves into.. UOP, ho ho! o/

Oh yeah, me and kent saw this one cute girl (in which he didn't even mention to me when she was present) leave the parking lot.. RIDING A BIKE without much gear! That's so hot.. she had a nice ass too I just had to stare when she drove parallel to me. ;<

Me: "Kent, go talk to her!"
Kent: "I waved at her and she waved back though."
Me: "Watch, once we leave, you're going to regret not talking to her."
(On the way back)
Kent: "Damnit.. I'm sad, I should've talked to her"

【 2006/08/25 12:04 】

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Fall 2006
School starts next monday.. Whyyy?! ;<

The schedule so far:

PSY105: Child Development
PSY120: Biological Psychology
HIST105: History of California
SOC101: Introduction to Sociology

12 units total. Btw, reason I'm taking these cake classes now, is because I took most of the upper GE classes already for my major (Psychology).

On another note, I've applied to SJSU finally, will be there Spring 2007. See you all there. ;>
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